Level 5 Vision 2015: Here Are All the Announcements and Reveals; Yokai Watch, Layton and More

Level 5 Vision is an annual event that is presented by Level 5 to reveal their upcoming plans for the following year. This year, Level 5 Vision was primarily focused on Yokai Watch including an announcement of a Nintendo 3DS spin-off and Yokai Watch 3.

Level 5 also revealed their plans for smartphones which includes Layton 7, Fantasy Life 2 and some Yokai Watch spin-offs/apps for iOS/Android.

You can check out a summary of the event below.

  • Layton 7 was revealed for iOS/Android. It is a card based game and will be released this Summer in Japan.
  • Fantasy Life 2 was announced for iOS/Android. It is basically a re-skinning of Fantasy Life 1 but for Smartphones. Out this Summer in Japan.
  • Hasbro is planning to bring Yokai Watch toy line to the USA in Spring 2016.
  • Nintendo will localize and publish Yokai Watch for the West on 3DS.
  • Yokai Watch Busters announced for Nintendo 3DS. Will be released in two different versions. Releasing on July 2015 in Japan.
  • Level 5 x Tecmo Koei collaboration for Yokai Watch x Romance of the Three Kingdom game. More details to be revealed later.
  • Yokai Watch Puni Puni announced for Smartphones. It is a puzzle game.
  • Yokai Watch Rhythm game announced for Smartphones.
  • Universal Studios Japan will create an attraction based on Yokai Watch called Yokai Watch: The Real.
  • Yokai Watch wiki-app for iOS and Android.
  • Level 5 reveal a unified ID system for their Smartphone games including Layton 7, Fantasy Life 2 and more.
  • Yokai Watch Season 2 announced. Will introduce new characters and monsters.
  • Yokai Watch 3 confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS. Will take place in the USA. Will tie with Season 2 of Anime.
  • Yokai Watch is getting a new movie in Japan, to be released in December 2015.
  • The Snack World announced for Nintendo 3DS and Smartphones. It is a cross-media franchise and features weapon/equipment shaped keychains with NFC chips, that can be scanned into the game.

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