LG Speaks About How It Will Deal With PS4 Pro TV Connection Problems

Problems regarding Sony’s new console are being reported ever since its release on Thursday, November, 10. The initial problem was that the breakout box accompanied by Sony’s PSVR did not support High Dynamic Range (HDR) signals.

The second problem which arose, and was widely reported, was that PS4 Pro owners could not see the 4K HDR pictures, that are supposed to be the PS4 Pro’s key selling point, on their TV screens. This issue was reported for numerous TV models, for instance, LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, and Vizio. Also, these compatibility issues were inconsistent across different TV models, meaning that one LG TV worked fine with PS4 Pro, while the other did not.


At first, the problem seemed to lie with the console (as claimed by TV manufacturers), however, Sony made it clear that the issue was, in fact, with the TV sets. LG Electronics was the first one to accept the blame and stated that “LG will provide a solution via a software upgrade at the end of November.”

Although no technical details were given, but the statement made it clear that in order for users to experience 4k HDR pictures, TV manufacturers will have to provide solutions. LG TV owners will hopefully be able to enjoy their PS4 Pros in about two weeks time.


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