LG’s New TV Upgrade Will Solve PS4 Pro Connection Problem

Ever since the release of Sony’s PS4 pro, people started reporting connection problems with TV sets. Owners just couldn’t get their consoles to correctly recognize the capabilities of their TVs. This resulted in the the PS4 Pro not outputting the correct 4K HDR image quality.

The number of complaints was steadily increasing when LG confirmed that the problem lied with TV sets, and not PS4 Pro. LG was the first one to talk about this problem, and also the first one to actually do something about it.


LG promised to deliver a solution by the end of November, and has lived up to that promise today. Its new upgrade is aimed to fix all connection problems faced by PS4 Pro owners. The update should start working automatically on both, LG’s OLED TVs as well as its LCD TVs, as soon as users switch them on.

In case it doesn’t, they can always search for the update option in their TV’s set up menus, and manually select it. Hopefully, LG’s customers will now be able to enjoy the full experience offered by PS4 Pro, and won’t have to compromise on the picture quality.

Other TV manufacturers, such as, Samsung, Sony, Philips, and Vizio still haven’t come up with a solution, but we hope to hear from them soon.


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