Life is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room Review (Xbox One)

We’re up to Episode 4 out of 5 planned for Life is Strange and with every episode the game just seems to be getting better and better. With Life is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room, the story takes a much darker turn as we find out more about the consequences of rewinding time and the mysteries surrounding Arcadia Bay.

Episode 4: Dark Room starts off directly after where Episode 3 ended, the huge cliffhanger which left us all wondering what the hell just happened here. Without spoiling much, the Episode takes place in two different realities, with Max choosing between what reality she wants to stay in. The whole first half was extremely emotional and nerve-wracking. You have to hand it to developers DontNod who managed to do so well in a genre completely new to them, in their first try.


The time travel mechanic is still there but takes a backseat in Episode 4: Dark Room as the search for Rachel reaches its final stages. My major complaint with the third episode was the pacing towards the middle where it carried on for too long, this is not the case in Episode 4. From start to finish I was actively involved in what was happening and couldn’t wait to see what happens next. The writing is superb as well which is a make or break thing for Adventure games.

Episode 4: Dark Room is my favourite episode of the four released so far mainly because it does everything right. It manages to balance out everything and give players the perfect Adventure game experience. You guys have no idea how impressed I am from this game which initially I wasn’t interested in playing at all.


If the final episode doesn’t end up being a disappointing mess, I can see Life is Strange becoming my favourite Adventure game ever.

Life is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room Review (Xbox One)


Life is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room ends with another signature cliffhanger. The game's story is coming around though and I'm sure DontNod have an explosive finale planned for us, here's to hoping it comes out sooner rather than later.


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