Life is Strange gets a Limited Edition for its physical release

Square Enix and developers DontNod revealed today that the physical release of Life is Strange will be getting a Limited Edition bundle. The physical release of Life is Strange will include all five episodes of highly acclaimed adventure game in a discounted package. The final episode came out just a few weeks ago, check out our review here.

The Life is Strange Limited Edition bundle will be available for all three platforms the game is releasing physically for i.e PS4, PC and Xbox One. The bundle will include the game, a 32 page artbook, the game’s full soundtrack (which is brilliant by the way) as well as the original score and director’s commentary.

The pre-orders are up now while the game releases in NA on January 19 and EU 3 days later on January 22. Being a huge fan of the game, I’m definitely double dipping for the Limited Edition. What about you? Planning on getting Life is Strange? Let us know in the comments below.

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