The Little Acre Set To Release On November 22

Publisher Curve Digital has today announced that The Little Acre will be coming out on November 22. We got the first look at this game back in August. It will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC when it is released.

The Little Acre has been developed by Pewter Games, and as mentioned above, it has been published by Curve Digital. But the most interesting name attached to this game is that of Charles Cecil, executive producer of the project. He is well-known for being the creator of the Broken Sword game series.


The Little Acre is an adventure game that revolves around the story of a young man named Aidan and his daughter, Lily. It has been set in rural 1950’s Ireland. While searching for his father, Aiden travels to a mysterious new world where he is followed by his daughter, Lily. The game features full voice-acting and hand-drawn animation.

There is a free digital art book coming out with the release of the game, but in order to get that you’ll have to pre-order from the specific digital store. There’s less than a month left before the game is released.

The Little Acre will be priced at $12.99, when it is out. The game is expected to be available at a pre-launch discount if you pre-order on Steam.


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