Little Nightmares Complete Edition Runs At Native 720p On Nintendo Switch, Out On May 18

Bandai Namco has confirmed the release date for the upcoming Little Nightmares Complete Edition which is now set to launch on the Nintendo Switch on May 18th.

Little Nightmares is a dark platformer that tackles a gruesome subject matter in its story. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will offer all of the post-launch DLC content including The Secret of the Maw expansion. It will run at native 720p in docked mode and upscaled 720p in portable mode. HD Rumble is also supported and the game is tailored to fit the play style for Nintendo Switch.

The LITTLE NIGHTMARES™ Complete Edition will also contain the console pre-order bonus such as the Upside-Down Teapot and Scarecrow Mask. All the additional stories from The Secret of the Maw Expansion Pass are included to expand the gloomy experience. These separated stories will be playable with different save data for Six and the Kid.Players will be able to play the two protagonists wearing an exclusive Pakku mask, which becomes available in the Extras menu once the Pac-Man amiibo™ is scanned.

Little Nightmares is already available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The release of the Nintendo Switch version makes it the first time this game has been ported to the Nintendo Switch and those who have waited for a portable experience can enjoy this complete edition with all of the bonus DLC included.

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