llamas Have Finally Been Added To Minecraft With Update 1.11

As previously announced back in September during Minecon 2016, Minecraft Version 1.11 is now out, and it brings with it a whole bunch of new features for the game.

Also known as the Exploration Update, Version 1.11 is primarily focused on adding new features for the game’s Survival mode. The first of these new features is the introduction of the Cartographer, a brand new type of villager who will exchange emeralds for maps that will reveal the locations of Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions in the world.

Speaking of Woodland Mansions, these are a new type of dungeon that have been added to the game. They are home to a brand new hostile mob called the Illagers, that not only attack intruders in the Mansions, but are also capable of summoning mischievous flying imps called Vexes.

And perhaps the greatest addition to the game with this update is the introduction of llamas. These animals act as mobile chests that can be decorated with carpets and can even attack hostile mobs using a ranged spit attack. Players are also able to form caravans with a few of them together.


The update also adds a number of other items such as Shulker Boxes and the Totem of Undying, which you can read up on here.

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Minecraft Update 1.11 is out now, and is available for the PC and the Mac. You can also check out the most recent update for the game on consoles here.

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