Custom Loadout presets coming to Battlefield 4

Despite all the similarities and differences between Battlefield and Call of Duty series, one feature which all battlefield fans would love to borrow from Call of Duty series is custom loadout slots. It seems that the devs finally listened to its fans as that feature will soon make its way to Battlefield 4 as posted by the Battlelog Dveloper “DarkLord” on reddit.


This news was confirmed by him on reditt but there is a catch. The presets will be battlelog exclusive which means that you will have to minimize the game and log-in to battlelog every time you want to change a custom loadout. Here is what Darklord said on this matter

Presets are a Battlelog only feature, so in-game you won’t see anything other than your Loadout.

Essentially it works like this:

  • Go to Battlelog
  • Select a preset
  • Preset gets applied on top of your Loadout
  • Save Loadout, gets pushed to game

The preset is never “active” per say, you essentially just copy/apply it to your soldier

Although this will be painful specially while playing multiplayer but something is better than nothing, isn’t is?.

There is no launch date provided for this yet and this is subject to changes so don’t hold your breath on this. What do you think about this? Should this have been a part of Battlefield 4 from the start? Let us know in the comments below

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