A Look At Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Military

Killzone universe features two unique factions known as Helghast and Vektans. Throughout the series, Vektans have always been at war with the Helghast and Helghast, driven away by Vektans and forced to live on a hostile planet with masks, always try to recapture the Earth colonies or safer colonies where they can live easily. In Killzone 3, we were introduced to yet another character, Jorhan Brimve Stahl, who was the CEO of Stahl Arms and also had his own army of special units to take on the Vektans.

Set thirty years after the events of Killzone 3, Helghast home, Helghan, has been left in ruins in the wake of the events followed near the end of Killzone 3 however the war still goes on. The Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) are accepting Helghast refugees on planet Vekta but both the factions, Vektan and Helghast, are living together in a city divided by a huge security wall. The Helghast are fighting for their right to exist whereas the Vektans fighting for their survival, which leads to a cold war among the factions.

In the first announcement trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall by Guerilla Games, we saw some new assassins from Helghast’s side who donned a type of mask that kind of resembled like a cat or a bug. This unit was known as The Black Hand. The Black Hand are an emerging new threat from the Helghan Sector, a splinter faction of radicals and zealots. Members of The Black Hand have sworn revenge against the “hypocrites of Vekta”, who they believe preach false claims of peace and co-existence but practice violence and oppression.


The second dossier on Killzone’s website now shows and informs about the newly organized Helghast Military. The destruction of Helghan and the annihilation of the Helghast population forced a change in the military doctrine. No longer can Helghast afford to wage a war against the enemy and overcome them with their endless formations of lightly trained soldiers. The newly formed Helghan army needed a new breed of military soldiers.

Assault Troopers


Helghast Assault Troopers form the backbone of the Helghan Army. Better trained and better equipped than his historical counterpart, the ‘average’ Trooper is now smarter and deadlier than ever.



The most aggressive and physically powerful Troopers are selected to become Commandos. They specialize in brute force and overwhelming firepower, equipped with shotguns in close quarters combat, or with miniguns and emplaced Nano Shields for battlefield support.



Helghast Engineers provide battlefield support, either in an offensive capacity (by constructing sentry turrets) or in a defensive capacity (by providing dynamic cover with strategically placed Nano Shields).

Killzone: Shadow Fall will wage war with us alongside PlayStation 4’s launch on November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe territories.

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