Lords Of The Fallen: Complete Edition Released For Xbox One and PS4

CI Games announced today that Lords of the Fallen: Complete Edition is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. The price of Complete Edition is set to $29.99 and it will contain all the DLC in the game. The Demonic Weapon pack contains three deadly weapons of wicked origins along with a magical hammer. Moreover, a new quest and elite armor set have also been added in the Complete Edition. The complete details about the Edition are below.

Ancient Labyrinth campaign

This expansion is a maze of dangerous puzzles, hidden secrets and frightful terrors. It introduces one of the most powerful Lords of the Rhogar army, as well as new weapons and armor, story and lore, side quests, and rewards that vary depending on player choices.

Demonic Weapon Pack

This pack holds three deadly weapons of wicked origins: a trusty sword balanced for offense and defense, twin daggers for raw power, and a magic-stealing hammer.

Lion Heart Pack

The Lion Heart Pack unlocks an elite armor set along with mighty hammer and shield.

Monk Decipher

A new quest that digs deeper into the Keystone Monastery to claim a legendary artifact that reacts to hidden places and treasures.

The Foundation Boost and The Arcane Boost

Each of these packs contains two resource cards to aid Harkyn on his journey.


Lords of the Fallen is an Action RPG game with Dark Souls inspired combat. When an ancient god of chaos returns to conquer the world, the last hope for mankind is Harkyn. The purpose of the game is to defeat the Lords and generals of the dark legions as a Warrior, Rogue or Cleric. Lords of the Fallen also includes fully customizable weapons along with arsenal of skills.

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