Lords Of The Fallen Pre-Order Bonus revealed

Lords of the Fallen is a third-person action RPG developed by Deck 14 Interactive and CI Games, the game was shown off at Gamescom last August. The game is spearheaded by Witcher 2 producer Tomasz Gop who looks to craft a deep, dark and challenging RPG.

The game had more than a few similarities to the Dark Souls franchise, was one of E3 2013’s quietest contenders. Amidst the many sequels, reboots, and other familiar faces accompanying PS4 and Xbox One’s debuts, it was one of the only games for those boxes at the show that was not only original but felt fully formed.


Square Enix recently announced a ‘Day One Edition’ of the game, the limited edition version includes exclusive story DLC and extra weapons along with the game’s soundtrack. Elaborating further, the limited edition will come with the Monk’s Decipher DLC and a Demonic Weapons Pack. The weapons pack will include Margyr Daggers, the Thehk Hammer and the Ihir sword.

If you choose to Pre-order from Gamestop, you will receive a free upgrade to your Day One Edition while stocks last. It is not confirmed that whether this bonus is only limited to Gamestop pre-orders, we will keep a lookout on any further updates.


 The game is scheduled to arrive on the 28th of October this year, the game is set to release on the PS4; Xbox One and PC courtesy of Bandai Namco.

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