M1 Irons coming to Advanced Warfare on Xbox tomorrow for free

As we reported yesterday Advanced Warfare developers Sledgehammer Games have revealed more information on the M1 Irons as promised. The gun is confirmed to release on Xbox One and Xbox 360 tomorrow i.e 5th of May for free of cost.

Activision doesn’t hand out free stuff often so getting a free DLC is as good as we’re gonna get!


The gun’s normal version will be free while its three confirmed variants will be available through Supply Drops as usual.


The M1 Irons Gunslinger features a golden color overlay and comes with the Akimbo attachment allowing players to dual wield the gun.


The M1 Irons Sundown has a more darker red color tone. The gun has increased range in exchange for a slower fire rate.


Lastly the M1 Irons Unforgiving Truth has a super cool black color scheme. Stats wise there are changes all over the board, but this variant is clearly the best, just look at it!

The M1 Irons will be releasing for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PC versions of Advanced Warfare at a later date which is usually a month just like previous DLCs.

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