M1 Irons revolver teased for Advanced Warfare, classic armoury in the future

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’s warfare is pretty advanced with state of the art machinery in the hands of exo-suit wearing soldiers. The game has gotten even more futuristic weapons in DLC like the laser firing AE4 but it looks like Sledgehammer Games are going old school with the upcoming M1 Irons revolver.

The M1 Irons Revolver is supposedly a weapon of Jonathan Irons, the villain from the campaign of the game portrayed brilliantly by Kevin Spacey. Sledgehammer Games teased the gun heading to Advanced Warfare in a tweet promising more information tomorrow.


The gun looks amazing aesthetically and hopefully plays as good as it looks. We haven’t had a fast firing revolver for a while, the last one I remember being the .44 Magnum from Modern Warfare 3. Hopefully it plays similar to that.

What do you think of Advanced Warfare’s M1 Irons Revolver? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: More information released.

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