Mad Max Update Version 1.06 (PS4) Is Out Now; What Does It Do? [Update]

There is a new Mad Max update version 1.06 for the PS4 which was released today. What does it do?

Mad Max is an open world action game from Avalanche Studios. Today’s update comes hot of the heels of another mysterious update which was reportedly 13 GB on the PS4. As for this Mad Max update version 1.06, there are no patch notes available for it.

Mad Max Update Version 1.06 (PS4) Is Out Now; What Does It Do?

The download size of this update is roughly 20 GB. It appears that Mad Max is simply bugged because there is absolutely no reason fans have to download such huge updates for a game and not even get something new for the content. It is more likely that this is an issue related to how the game files were compressed on consoles since the total patch size is almost 31.2 GB, which is huge for a game of this caliber.

If nothing more, this is more like a simple update to fix some bugs. This has happened in the past so we have to assume the same is the case this time as well. If you have downloaded the update and noticed any changes, do let us know in the comments below.

Update: This resolves the Death Runs issue that started to happen after update 1.05. Here is a statement by Warner Bros. Community Manager that confirms it.

Hello everybody, We’re happy to let you know that we have just released an update that will fix the issue with the Death Runs that occured after our previous patch. Now get out there and finish eliminating your enemies on your path to greatness in your Magnum Opus

Mad Max is available now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game was developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

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