A Magical High School Girl Is Out Now On Steam

The magic crafting, rogue-like RPG, named A Magical High School Girl, is out now on Steam for $9.99. Developed by illuCalab and published by Sekai project, this game is an interesting take on rogue like concepts.

The game revolves around a young high school girl who spots a witch on her way back from school, and helps her. The witch rewards her in a rather surprising way, that is, by giving her magical powers and sending her off to another world to fight off monsters.


The girl has to use a mixture of different spells to defeat enemies and find her way back home. The game features a turn-based combat system and procedurally generated dungeons. Moreover, the devs stated that players will be given the choice to “use an infinite combination of words to form new spells”.

The demo of the game was released on November 14, and the game was supposed to be launched on Friday last week. After a short delay, the game is finally available for download on Steam now.

If you still haven’t seen the trailer, check it out below.


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