Major Nelson Comments On Xbox One Ban, Ensures It Won’t Be Permanent

It had been quite a thrilling show on the internet when one individual, Moonlightswami, received an Xbox One that he had pre-ordered from Target, two weeks earlier than expected.  Unable to contain his excitement (like any other gamer), he posted pictures and a video of him unboxing his shiny new Xbox One. Apparently, folks at Microsoft weren’t too happy about it and the video was taken down. He gave a lot of new information and shared pictures of the dashboard, gamertags and so on.

Although Moonlightswami purchased the console legitimately, upon connecting the console to the internet he received a console ban which prevents the console from going online. His gamertag, however, was saved from being banned. Sad and enraged at the same time, Moonlightswami tried contacting Microsoft officials about the problem and, in the process, gained many sympathetic followers of his cause.

Larry Hryb, widely known as Major Nelson, caught the on-going issue on Twitter and contacted Moonlightswami, stating that he should DM (Direct Message) Major Nelson on Twitter about the issue.

Major Nelson, then on the popular gaming message board, NeoGAF, posted that he has reached out to the individual and hopefully the issue will be sorted out. He said that the console will not be perma-banned for sure.

This means that Moonlightswami still has hope of his console getting unbanned. Microsoft is very strict with its policies about banning individuals who have either modified their consoles in some way or have violated the Terms and Policies outlined by them. Xbox One’s dev who is certified on Reddit stated that Microsoft reserves the right to ban any unreleased or beta consoles. However, he also hoped that the ban won’t be permanent. As you know anything about Xbox One also reflects on the PlayStation 4 in some way. Many users started sending tweets to Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter, asking whether or not their PlayStation 4 would receive a ban if they connected it to the internet, assuming they received the console earlier than the release date, to which Shuhei Yoshida replied by simply saying “no.”

So as we learned, it is good to raise your voice for your rights. Moonlightswami purchased the console legitimately and hence did not deserve the ban. Its also good to see that Microsoft’s officials have taken notice, have heard Moonlightswami’s plea and will work on helping him sort out the issue.

Stay tuned with us as we report any new development on this story.

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