Major Nelson: External Game Storage “Coming Soon;” “Lots Of Work” Going On To Make Xbox One “Even Better”

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has confirmed that external game storage for Xbox One is “coming soon”. He also talked about how there is a lot of good work going behind the scene for the Xbox One.

In a thread on reddit, he replied to some of the demands of the fans, ensuring them that Microsoft is committed to bringing new and exciting things for the Xbox One.

Lot’s of good work going on to make the console even better – some you’ll see soon, some will show up later. But: it is all good stuff : )

He was asked to confirm support for external storage, especially for media. While he didn’t really confirm it for media, he did say that external game storage will be coming soon.

External game storage is coming soon….I need to check on media support.

kinect watch

He was also asked about integrating Kinect to use for the purpose of security, detecting if there is a potential threat, and alerting the users. According to him, there are multiple reasons why this is not a good idea, also debunking the myth that Kinect is always watching its users.

There are a TON of issues w/ this..#1 being privacy. Some people (incorrectly) think Kinect is always watching them.

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