Major Nelson On Kinect-Less SKU: Appreciate The Support Of Fans, Will Continue To Improve Kinect

Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb, who is also known by his twitter and reddit name Major Nelson, commented on the recently revealed Kinect-Less SKU.

The announcement of a Kinect-Less SKU has been met with mixed reactions. While some people are happy to see Microsoft slashing the price of Xbox One by removing Kinect from its bundle and retailing it for a lower price, others view it as a betrayal from Microsoft, who took an 180 on their support for Kinect.


Several developers, who were already working on Kinect at some capacity – including making games for it – already expressed their disappointment over this announcement. Even users who got the console Day 1 weren’t happy with the news, as it meant less support and focus on Kinect, which they owned. It could end up being a useless peripheral in the end.

Major Nelson did look at all the feedback and assured the fans that they love the support that Xbox One has gotten so far, and they won’t abandon their fans easily.

Everyone at Xbox appreciates the continued support of Xbox One. We really do.

From you awesome Day One folks to those who just joined the fold, we are committed Xbox One and making Xbox One the best next gen console gaming platform.

He also confirmed that Microsoft have no intention of removing focus on Kinect and they will continue to improve it.

Of course we’ll still work to improve Kinect.

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