Major Nelson: Xbox One Trials/Demos On “Things To Do” List; Promises More New and Old Features For Xbox One

The Xbox 360 had a really nifty “trial” version of most of its Xbox Live games. This trial version allowed a limited playthrough of the game, and usually ended with an option to buy the full version, if we liked it. Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson on Twitter and reddit, has assured that Microsoft is working hard to add many of the Xbox 360 features along with completely new ones on the Xbox One.

In a thread on reddit, which demanded more demos/trials for the Xbox One games available on the store, Major Nelson dropped the following response to the users.

You have to remember the Xbox 360 is a very mature platform that has been around for almost 10-years. In that time we added a TON of new features. Xbox One is a completely new architecture so we can’t just take work that was done on Xbox 360 and plop into the code base of Xbox One. Things don’t work that way. The team is working really hard to address this and we will continue to add more and more features to Xbox One – features you’ve seen on Xbox 360 and new ones that are only possible on Xbox One.


He also confirmed that Trials/Demos are definitely on their “Things To Do” list, although there is no ETA on when it can be expected.

It’s on the “Things To Do” list. No ETA.

It is nice to know that Microsoft are looking into the feedback from users, and are implementing changes accordingly. I, for one, loved the trials for many of the Xbox Live games, as they allowed us to test the game properly before we took the plunge and brought them.

Do you want to see this feature make its return on the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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