Make The Most Of The Destiny Beta – Locate Chests, Collectibles And More

The Destiny Beta went live last week and fans got a chance to see what Destiny will have to offer once it comes out in September. Something that most people were disappointed with was the lack of new content in the Destiny Beta. Players who got a chance to play the Alpha, know that the Beta has nothing new aside from the new cut scenes and new Crucible maps.

The max level cap in the Beta, like the Alpha, is 8 and players can get to the max level cap in just a few hours. After that, there’s not much to do so here are some pastimes for you to make your Destiny Beta experience a little more fun.

Find 5 Golden Chests

Some of you might have stumbled across these Golden Chests which have better loot then the standard bronze chest. There are 5 Golden Chests in total which are scattered across the Cosmodrome and the final golden chest will give you something extremely useful so be on the lookout for these Golden Chests.

Find The Dead Ghosts

Just like the Golden Chests, Ghosts can also be found around the Cosmodrome and the Tower. Ghosts can be hard to spot due to their small size but they glow so that can be helpful.

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Try Out The Crucible Game Mode

When your done with the handful of missions that the Destiny Beta has to offer, try out the Crucible Game Mode. Fans who played Crucible during the Alpha might not have given it a go due to the random server lag and poor hit detection experienced during the Alpha. But a lot has changed since then and the Crucible game mode is a lot of fun.

Play On A Harder Difficulty

Turning the difficulty up is best way to farm for gear or earn some extra XP. When you’re in Orbit, select a higher difficulty before starting a mission. A higher difficulty means a higher chance of good gear and more XP then usual. Playing Strike on a harder difficulty is highly recommended.

Max Out Your Upgrades

Just because you’re level 8 doesn’t mean you should stop playing with that character. After level 8, your Guardian stops leveling up but your powers don’t. Keep playing with the same character and you’ll get new upgraded abilities like upgraded Super Charge for the Warlock which splits into 3 orbs, the hunter can perform a triple jump and several other abilities. So keep playing on a character and tryout their upgraded abilities.

Turn In Some Bounties

Glimmer isn’t the only currency in Destiny. Vanguard points is another type of currency which can be used to buy gear from your class Vanguard. You can earn Vanguard points in Explore mission but there is an easier way to earn Vanguard Points. Bounties are the easiest source of Vanguard points. There are two types of Bounties, one gives you goals to fulfill in the Crucible and the other gives you goals to fulfill in story missions or strike.


Try to collect all the collectibles, upgrade your character to the max, turn in bounties, etc when the Beta goes live again on Wednesday after 2 days on maintenance.

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