Malicious Rebirth finally dropping this week for PlayStation VITA

Malicious Rebirth is a long announced title for VITA, which is supposed to be a enhanced port of Malicious on PlayStation 3. It is finally going to be released on NA PlayStation Network this week, on Tuesday.

The original Malicious was a 3D action game, released exclusively for PlayStation 3 on PlayStation Network. It was offered for free on PlayStation Plus and a PlayStation VITA version was announced later. This game is more of a action game, we fight through horde of enemies and face boss battles. The game is finally going to be released this week, there is no info yet on the official price for this game.

You can see the trailer of the game below

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”K08AktcvO6o”]

Malicious Rebirth will feature more bosses, more stages and more powers. Hopefully, it will also end up as a decent port and run neatly. Malicious Rebirth is being developed by Alvion Studio and it uses the Phyre multiplatform engine, which supports PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. We suspect there might be a PlayStation 3 release of Malicious: Rebirth because of Phyre Enigne.

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