Man O’ War: Corsair Adds 2 Free DLCs

Developed by the award winning indie team Evil Twin Networks, Man O’ War: Corsair is a sea based, naval combat game. The game has been available in Early Access since April this year, and devs have been continuously observing and interacting with their passionate community since then.

Recently, the team announced two free DLCs as a thank you for the community’s support for the project. The first one is the Reik’s Fashion DLC, which introduces new get ups for the players in the form of a Shark Hat, the Helm of the Skaven Slayer, and more. Secondly, a majestic flying creature, called The Fledgling Griffon, will be seen boosting the crew’s morale.


Here’s a list of the 29 changes made by the latest DLCs:

  1. Tilea and Estalia regions unlocked
  2. Tilean and Estalian quests enabled
  3. 2 new human captain characters
  4. New outfit options for characters
  5. Added clothing accessories for player characters
  6. New ammunition options for ships with cannon
  7. Adjusted how the bell works on the Skaven Doombringer
  8. Patch notes now group themselves by major version
  9. Can now cancel levelling up a crew member
  10. Fixed a bug where not completing a level up for a crew member could lose the skill point
  11. Changed ally faction text colour in journal
  12. Reduced rate of energy changes for Bane Tower and Great Winged Terror
  13. Fixed a bug where injured crew could allow greater than max crew on ship
  14. Crew will move on deck for boarding actions in the correct order (surgeon will be last!)
  15. First Mate now “knocked unconscious” rather than killed (he never actually died)
  16. Fixed a bug preventing a particular Bretonnian pirate port from being looted
  17. Fixed a bug with Illusion of death which could prevent your captain wielding their weapons
  18. Hulk bigchukkas, greatship guns and wolfship guns now properly disabled by destroying the appropriate sections
  19. Fixed a bug preventing allies from following when ordered
  20. Reduced damage from catapult weapons on sails
  21. Fixed a bug that could prevent Chaos Sorcerers casting spells
  22. Galleon anti-air gun firing arc increased
  23. Port alert status on map changes color depending on type of alert
  24. Running around while in map mode will pause the game
  25. Fixed a bug with collect cargo quests
  26. Crew can no longer level up their injuries
  27. Saving mid-Illusion of Death no longer leaves your character stuck in skeletal form.
  28. Wind is more likely to be favorable when out of combat and travelling with time acceleration
  29. Added an additional two hats to purchase in Kislevite ports.

Check out the trailer to get a better idea of these updates.


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