Rumor: Devil May Cry 5 might be happening

According to ShackNews, Norwegian actor Nils Hognestad posted the role of lead actor for Devil May Cry 5 to his resume page, which has been deleted. The actor starred in Lake Placid 3, Fighting Free, and had a minor role in Once Upon a Time.

Listing the role on his page indicates he could be playing the lead actor. But we’re in the dark as to whether that means he is voice acting Dante, or someone else. The news isn’t much to go by, as the role has not been listen on Hognestad’s IMDb, but rumours will continue to stir until E3 arrives.


The previous Devil May Cry, released in 2013, gave the hardcore fanbase mixed emotions. Some like the new direction the series was headed to, while others struggled to adapt to Dante’s new look and attitude.

If the rumours are true, a new Devil May Cry game could be undergoing development, or at least has been at some point in time.


This could either mean that the series might be introduced to a new protagonist entirely, or Dante could get yet another massive change-up.

Whatever the case, E3 will clear things up next week. Are you excited for the possibility of a Devil May Cry 5? Answer in the comments below!

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