Mantle for Battlefield 4 to increase its performance on AMD graphic cards by 45%

Mantle is a  graphics API developed by AMD  that aims to give game developers better low-level access to the hardware capabilities of modern graphics cards. So, instead of increasing the raw power of the graphics cards, they are now aiming for better optimization to provide a performance boost.

Last year, AMD and DICE promised a patch which would bring Mantle to the highly acclaimed shooter, Battlefield 4. This patch was supposed to be released in December 2013 but because of certain issues, the release date was pushed back to  January 2014. On this delay, the chip manufacturer commented, “After much consideration, the decision was made to delay the Mantle patch for Battlefield 4. AMD continues to support DICE on the public introduction of Mantle, and we are tremendously excited about the coming release for Battlefield 4 We are now targeting a January release and will have more information to share in the New Year.”

Now, it appears that the company is well on schedule for its January release window and if the leaked slides from a closed demo at CES are genuine, then Mantle will surely be a game-changer.

These are some bold claims and only time will tell if an average user will also get a similar increase in performance. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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