MapleStory 2 Error Code 10060 / 10049 / 10038 / 10061 / 10053 Fix

While playing MapleStory 2 you may have gotten a message like Error Code 10060 / 10049 / 10038 / 10061 / 10053 that would either not let you connect or may boot you from the game. We’ll be going over why and how to fix the MapleStory 2 Error Code 10060 / 10049 / 10038 / 10061 / 10053 messages.

We’ll be going over the most common of these first

MapleStory 2 Error Code 10060 / 10038 / 10040 / 10061

These errors are very common and are related to your connection with Nexon, the developer’s, servers. In layman terms the game will throw you this error when you’re having trouble sending and receiving data from the servers. This can be either on your part or the game server’s. During launch week for example, the error was very common as the game was being overloaded with new users.

This is also caused when you’re having connectivity issues or have a Firewall blocking Nexon’s servers. So make sure “” is unblocked in your FireWall.

MapleStory 2 Error Code 10053

This is caused mainly when your public IP Address changes between sessions. This can be caused by losing Internet access or restarting your Modem/Router when you’re on the game’s server. To fix this, restart the game AFTER you restart your Internet so that your login is tied to your new IP Address.

Are you facing any other MapleStory 2 Error Codes? Let us know in the comments so we can investigate.

MapleStory 2 released earlier this month and is available now on PC via Steam.

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