MapleStory 2 November 15 PC Update Patch Notes

Developers Nexon have announced a new Patch for the PC version of the game today.
The MapleStory 2 November 15 update will going alongside the usual server maintenance, with the servers going down for three hours.
The update brings a ton of changes including new content, raids, balancing and changes.
Check out the full Patch Notes for the November 15 patch below:

MapleStory 2 November 15 PC Update Patch Notes

General Updates
  • Daily numbers of Dungeons Cleared will now increased from 10 to 15 for Normal and Hard Adventure dungeons.
  • Due to the lack of benefits found in selling Ad Balloons, and to reduce the amount of ad spam, Ad Balloons will be removed from the Meret Market.
  • Air Mounts sold in the Meret Market will now be account bound instead of being character bound.  Any players who purchased a character bound mount from the Meret Market will have their mount replaced with an account bound mount.
Chaos Raid Updates
  • Note: A set of changes relating to items that can only be obtained via Chaos Raids were listed, but were originally applied as part of the Chaos Rising Update. We apologize for the confusion.
  • Ludibrium Clock Tower
    • Will unlock on Nov. 30
    • The Dungeon Objective to Defeat Papulatus in a party of 7 to obtain S Rank will now increase to a party of 8.
    • The Dungeon Objective to Defeat Papulatus in a party of 4 to obtain S+ Rank will now increase to a party of 5.
      • Note: These were slightly changed so that roles can be more evenly distributed across raid members since internal tests shows that it was more stressful rather than fun to run this dungeon.
Sales Update
  • Ad Balloons have been removed from the Meret Market
  • Releasing a Starter Pack to the Steam store, containing the following items for $19.99 (or local equivalent)
    • Hairstyle Voucher
    • Face Change Voucher
    • Premium Club 30 Day Pass
    • 1 Sealed Tenderhearted Urza
Fixed Bugs
  • Fixed an issue where a broken text is displayed when you start composing using a Blank Music Score.
  • When listing a UGC item on Design Shop, the Buy Meret window becomes hard to see since its layer is under another UI. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where a broken text is displayed after receiving a reward from Dungeon Rank Reward UI of Dungeon Info window in German.
  • The click to interact with object for the Mouse and Keyboard mode will no longer apply against Hostile NPCs.  This includes the “Grab” or “Hold On” functions against dungeon bosses.
  • Players are no longer able to climb over the entrance blockade in Chaos Raid: Shadow Altar.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Dark Descent rankings for seasons 3 and 4 to not display properly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused mini games rankings for season 6 and 7 to not display properly.
  • Fixed a typo in the Blue Star tooltip.
  • Fixed a typo in Karyan’s dialogue during Monster Taming 101.
  • Fixed the description of Blood Requiem Boots so they are now described as boots instead of gloves.
  • Fixed a typo in Ophelia’s dialogue when attempting to enchant an item.
  • Clarified the tooltip of the Katvan’s Horn buff effect to show that it applies +35, not +35%.
Known Issues
  • The Runeblade tutorial cannot be completed if the player loots items until inventory is full.
  • Guild application notification number appears for regular guild members.
  • Game remains on Nexon logo screen when third party audio and streaming are running.
  • In game browser becomes unresponsive after clicking a link that opens Chrome.
  • UGC items in the Design Shop with an apostrophe in the name cannot be linked into chat.
  • Dark Cell Prison Key can be obtained as a looted item, but no longer has a use in the game.
  • Gathering gain amount is incorrectly calculated with multiple gathering buffs active.
  • Hairstyle Vol. 1 does not count for the progression for the trophy Trend-setter for some players.
  • Note: A pair of Known Issues relating to Dex and Luck affecting secondary stats were originally listed as Known Issues. We are further investigating the issues to identify the precise problem, and will update this when we know more.
  • Note: A Known Issue stating that Priest and Knight off-hand items were not contributing to Gear Score was originally listed. This is working as intended, and has been removed from this list. We apologize for the confusion.

MapleStory 2 is available now on PC via Steam.

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