Mario Kart 8 Pre-Order Bonus Update

Mario Kart is a spin-off from the Super Mario franchise, developed and published by Nintendo this go-kart style racing game gained much success since its release, originally for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1992. Although you might think that this game is ” just a spin-off ” from the ever so popular Super Mario series but the developers put great effort into it which resulted in it gaining quite a fan-base.

Just like any other popular franchise, Retailers like Target and BestBuy offer pre-order bonuses with the release of new games. This time is no exception as they keep up the tradition as always.

Recently, Target offered a bonus of an Anti-Gravity Key chain with every pre-order of the upcoming Mario Kart 8 game until stocks last. The game is set to release on Friday, May 30th 2014 which is the release date for North America and Europe where as the game comes out on May 29th in Japan and on May 31st in Australia.

Seeing this, BestBuy was quick to act as they also let their deal come to light. With every pre-order of the physical copy, fans will receive a code worth $10 in Gas Cash. Fans Pre-ordering in stores will be able to pick it up on release day along with the game, as the code will be printed onto your receipt. As for online pre-orders, the code will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of release.

You might think that redeeming the code would be a pain but it is quite simple. Upon receiving the code, go to and enter the code in the given box. Gas cash credit can be redeemed at any gas station in the United States that accepts Master Card. Unfortunately, the deadline for redeeming is June 30th.

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