Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gets New Story Expansion With Donkey Kong DLC

Ubisoft has finally revealed more details on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC. This was initially announced in a Nintendo Direct but details around it were shrouded in mystery. It has turned out to be a major story expansion in the game that features a completely new Island, new gameplay mechanics and even new characters to use in combat.

The official trailer for Donkey Kong DLC gives glimpse at the new features that will be present in this DLC. This is also a part of the Gold Edition or Season Pass for the game so if you own it, you should be able to download this expansion once it goes live.

In this new Donkey Kong DLC, Ubisoft has developed a new Island and created new gameplay mechanics revolving the character of Donkey Kong. An example that is shown in the trailer is how he can use his bongo drums and attack with his Banana that can act as a boomerang. The DLC boss is a Rabbid Kong that seems to have taken control of the Island.

There was no release date given for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle but expect to see an announcement soon. The DLC was set to launch in Spring 2018 when it was initially revealed.

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