Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Season Pass Announced, DLC Roadmap Detailed

Ubisoft has shared some details for the upcoming Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Game, also announcing that it will get a Season Pass with post-launch DLC support. The Season Pass will cost you $19.99 and comes with new weapons, challenges and new additional story content.

The full roadmap for the DLC can be read below. The Season Pass should be available once the game launches on August 29th.

  • Available at Launch – 8 unique steampunk weapons will be available, each one with its own statistics. These items will be exclusive to Season Pass owners.
  • Available This Fall – Players will be able to test their skills with new solo challenges, or with a friend, through additional co-op maps.
  • Available in 2018 – Players will be able to play through brand new story content.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a unique collaboration between Ubisoft and Nintendo. It is being developed by Ubisoft while utilizing the characters from Nintendo’s popular Mario franchise. The game features a strategic turn-based gameplay mixing the wacky antics of the Rabbids franchise with the popularity of the Mario characters. Rabbids are dressed as titular characters from the Mario world resulting in a hilarious situation as the two opposite sides battle out.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is set to launch on August 29th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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