Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Ultra Challenge DLC Details Revealed

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle also includes a Season Pass for the game and now the details regarding the first Season Pass DLC have been released and it is available today. This DLC include some ultra hard challenges that are recommended for those who have already finished most of the game.

The details of the DLC can be seen below including the reveal trailer.

  • 8 new Ultra Hard Challenges inside each world’s Secret chapter
  • A new co-op campaign, composed of 5 exclusive co-op maps featuring Chain Chomps, Tornados, Boos, Pyroclasts

The Challenge Pack can be bought separately for 6.99€ or if you have the Season Pass,  you will be able to download right now.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was released on August 29th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. You can read our review of the game from here.

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