Marvel Games Is Teasing Something With A ‘4’ In Logo

Marvel Games has started to tease about a mysterious project and changed their logo to add a ‘4’ in it.

Marvel Games were prominent in the mobile marketplace but they are now getting back to console gaming with the announcement of Avengers Project by Square Enix, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for Nintendo Switch, and potentially a Guardians of the Galaxy video game. They just collaborated with Insomniac and Sony PlayStation to release Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The new teaser comes with an update to the logo of Marvel Games which has added a ‘4’ in the design of the logo. Some of the speculations for the games that they are teasing could be Fantastic Four or a Marvel vs. Capcom 4. The latter seems unlikely though since Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite didn’t really do that well in sales and was quickly shelved by Capcom.

Whatever this project is going to be, it can be a while before it is possible to find out more about it. It can be completely unrelated to games, or a brand new mobile game, but either way, this seems to tease a new project from them.

What do you think about this new teaser? Feel free to discuss and speculate about it in the comments below.

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