Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite’s Latest Update Removes Denuvo DRM On PC

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite ended up with a rather unfortunate run after a controversial start. The game was riddled with controversies from the get go ranging from the horrible character models to the lack of X-Men and other popular fighters from the game. This didn’t really turn out that well for it and the sales of it have been rather lackluster.

When it comes to fighting games, there are usually long balance patches that are released post-launch and before a major event but Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite hasn’t really received such updates for a while now, until recently.

Capcom has released a brand new update for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite today that has some strange size discrepancy on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game requires you to download close to 16 GB on Xbox One, 10 GB on PC and just under 500 MB on PS4. Considering the patch size, one might expect the update to be rather substantial but the patch notes barely mention anything if at all.

The patch notes list “some system changes: no changes made to game balance” in the history but the more important feature that was noticed was the removal of the Denuvo DRM on the PC version. The Steam Store page now no longer shows the warning about the game featuring a DRM solution. As for the changes made for the consoles, only Capcom knows about it so far and they haven’t really made any official list for them.

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