Marvel’s Spider-Man: Here’s A List of Easter Eggs Including GTA And Tomb Raider

Marvel’s Spider-Man is chock full of easter eggs from reference to Grand Theft Auto to other Marvel properties including Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here are the easter eggs that you can see in the game.

While it is not possible to write every easter egg, since the game just came out, this article will try to cover as much of the known easter eggs that are out there right now. It won’t include all of the references but this is a good starting point for those who are looking for a list of cool things and attention to detail in the world.

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List of Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Spider-Man For PS4

  • Grand Theft Auto IV is referenced in one of the side missions with thieves being named Niko and Roman.
  • The name of a store that is clearly a spin on Tomb Raider.
  • In the opening scene with sticky notes, you can see callbacks to the older Spider-Man games. One of them is for rent which is likely from Spider-Man 3.
  • In the same scene, Tony Stark is mentioned as having offered a job offer to Peter Parker, which could be from Spider-Man Homecoming.
  • You can spot other people cosplaying as Spider-Man when roaming the open world.
  • Backpacks have a lot of references from other Spider-Man properties. One of them mentions a kid thanking Spider-Man for collecting his balloon.
  • In another backpack, you can see a reference to Eddie Brock as the VENOMous photographer.
  • The opening boss fight ends with Spider-Man webbing Fisk and making a joke about kissing him, which is a nod to kiss the first movie.
  • Stan Lee has a cameo in the game.
  • Sanctum Sanctorum is one of the landmarks in the game and you can also find references to Dr. Strange.
  • Spider-Man can often talk on the phone with others when swinging around and his voice acting changes depending on if he is swinging or just walking and resting on the ground.
  • You can visit Alexandar Hamilton’s grave in Spider-Man’s NYC.
  • You can also visit the Avengers tower and get an achievement for reaching the top of it that references hero for hire.
  • Symbiote suit is casually referenced in one conversation at the beginning when Spider-Man talks with the police officer Yuri and she asks if his costume comes in ‘black and white’ which can be the symbiote suit.
  • You can visit the location from the final battle of the first Avengers.
  • Inhumans is referenced with a statue of Lockjaw the dog. It is one of the secret landmarks.
  • You can also visit Insomniac office and take a picture outside it.
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This is just an initial list of Easter Eggs. There will be plenty more to come as the game launches today. Still, it is amazing to see how much work and attention to detail is given to Marvel’s Spider-Man by Insomniac Games. It is hard to argue that this is the definitive Spider-Man video game to date.

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