Marvel’s Spider-Man Beats God of War’s Record, Becomes Fastest Selling PS4 Exclusive

Marvel’s Spider-Man has shattered all expectations of Sony and surpassed even the debut sales of God of War, one of the fastest selling PlayStation exclusive of all time.

The signs were there when Spider-Man beat the debut of God of War in UK and Japan, but this is the first time Sony has shared any number on the sales figure for Spider-Man PS4. According to it, the game has sold through 3.3 million copies in just 3 days, beating the previous record set by God of War, which did 3.1 million in a similar time frame.

Marvel’s Spider-Man also has a limited edition PlayStation Pro bundle that also comes with the game, but the sales figure shared here doesn’t include the bundle. It means the overall sales of the game are likely higher if we count bundle into it. It also had a record number of pre-orders at 1 million before the launch, which is a new record for Sony.

As we posted earlier, Marvel’s Spider-Man is also outpacing the digital sales of God of War and it is doing this in even less time. The sales result of Spider-Man is amazing to watch and shows that if you craft and release a well-developed game from reputed game developer, it is possible to achieve good sales if marketed properly.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was the highest rated Spider-Man game and the same was true for God of War. Both of them have achieved critical and commercial success for Sony paving the way for more single player games in the future.

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