Marvel’s Spider-Man Might Feature 2 More Classic Villains; Mary Jane Char Design Is Same

Marvel was recently present at San Diego Comic-Con to share more information about their upcoming Spider-Man PS4. They also had a live stream with the developers of the game along with the voice actor for Peter Parker, Yuri Lowenthal.

If you don’t want to get spoiled, it is best to ignore the article since it might potentially spoil villains that can be included in the game. That said, there is also the chance that these villains are not actually in the game but can turn up for a future DLC. Insomniac Games has already confirmed that the first DLC for Spider-Man will feature Black Cat. She will also be present in the game in some capacity but details about her are unknown at this point.

Yuri Lowenthal casually dropped the names of Kraven and Mysterio as two villains in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The way he said it during the live stream could imply that he was simply joking about their inclusion, but it won’t be far fetched to see these end up in the game after all. There is already a long list of villains which are confirmed to be in Spider-Man PS4 but the door is always open for more being added to the game with a future DLC.

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Lastly, there was some noise being made recently when fans discovered that  Mary Jane’s character design was reportedly changed, but the creative director at Insomniac Games, Brian Horton has confirmed that the character design is the same, it is mostly the lighting and camera difference that makes Mary Jane look completely different.

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