Marvel’s Spider-Man: How To Get ‘Hire For Higher’ Trophy

To get the platinum trophy, in Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4, you will need to complete some optional tasks that also include visiting some specific locations. Avenger’s Tower is one of them and you can get to it by following this guide.

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How To Find Avenger’s Tower And Get ‘Hire For Higher’ Trophy

Avengers tower is the largest building in Marvel’s Spider-Man. You can find its location in the Upper East Side region of the world map. This tower will have a large A arched atop the building so it will be easy to spot from a distance.

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You have to get to the top of this Avengers building in order to get the ‘Hire for Higher’ trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Once you are at the top, you will find 2 red lights and to get the trophy to register, you will have to climb on the top of this red light to get the notification for unlocking it.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now exclusively for the PS4. It was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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