Marvel’s Spider-Man: Here’s A List of All Confirmed Suits And Their Design

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be released on September 7th. There are close to 25 suits in the game as confirmed earlier by Insomniac Games. While some of them have been revealed, we still haven’t seen others that were teased but not confirmed to be seen in the game.

Spider-Man PS4 subreddit has now compiled a list of all the suits that are seen so far. They have also shared a list of suits that are confirmed but their design is still unknown in the game.

The following suits are confirmed and you can see them in action in some of the gameplay.

  1. Classic Suit
  2. Scarlett Spider
  3. Homemade Spider Suit
  4. Iron Spider Suit
  5. Velocity Suit
  6. Spider-Punk Suit
  7. Advance Suit
  8. Noir Spider Suit
  9. Secret War Spider Suit
  10. Spider-Armor Mk II
  11. 2099 Spider Suit
  12. Homecoming Spider Suit

Since Insomniac has said that there will be roughly 25 suits, you can expect to see a lot more in the game. Insomniac Games has no plans to reveal them and they want the fans to find out themselves once they get the game on its launch.

The suits in Spider-Man PS4 not only serve the purpose of changing the appearance, but they can also give some additional abilities that can be used in the game. Details about the abilities of each suit aren’t confirmed yet so we will find them out once the game launch next month.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be released on September 7th exclusively for the PS4.

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