Marvel’s Spider-Man New Game Plus Mode Explained; Here’s What It Does

Marvel’s Spider-Man has a new game plus mode. This is part of update version 1.07 and will be available to play after beating the game.

New Game Plus mode is usually used as a way to play through the game again without having to resort to starting from scratch. All of your abilities or powerups are usually unlocked from the beginning, which makes it easier to play through the story and beat any boss fights without having to worry about lacking powers against them.

Marvel’s Spider-Man New Game Plus Mode Explained; What Does It Do?

The following set of changes are confirmed to be a part of the New Game Plus mode.

  • All suits are unlocked. No need to craft them again in a new game.
  • All gadgets are available from the beginning. Go crazy against the enemies.
  • All mods and benchmarks are available, feel free to utilize their power in every battle.
  • All skills are unlocked so you can get crazy web swinging around with the early missions.

Aside from that, it will play like a normal new game so you will get all the missions and open world activities. This means you have to go through the terrible research missions or the criminal activities again. Towers will have to be unlocked as well.

What Is The Reward For Beating New Game Plus Mode?

According to Insomniac Games, they are adding a new difficulty mode called the Ultimate difficulty. You can get 2 new trophies by beating the New Game Plus and Ultimate difficulty mode, so why not attempt both of them at the same time. Play a New Game Plus mode on the Ultimate difficulty and get two birds with one stone.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now exclusively for the PS4.

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