Marvel’s Spider-Man Open World Is ‘Several Times’ Bigger Than Sunset Overdrive

Marvel’s Spider-Man was recently confirmed to launch on September 7th exclusively for the PS4. In a recent interview with GameInformer where the game director Brian Intihar was asked a variety of different questions, a lot of new information was revealed for the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will feature XP and level up system. There are going to be other types of unlockable costumes aside from the pre-order bonus DLC. Along with the Punk Spider costume, there is also the Spider-Man Noir costume that can be seen in GameInformer footage. More will be revealed as the launch draws near.

Spider-Man will also offer different playable characters like Mary Jane. There are a lot of sidequests to take in the game. It also features a fast travel system through the subway. If you are interested in interacting with the NPCs in open world, you can take selfies or high five them among other interactions. As for the performance of the game, it will run at 30 fps whether you play it on the base PS4 or the PS4 Pro.

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Story wise, the game is mostly sticking to the same Marvel characters and there won’t be any original creations. Spider-Man is not going to die as soon as he hits water and can survive in it for a short amount of time. You can also enjoy Photo Mode in the game. Microtransactions are not confirmed and the game will feature crafting for items or outfits.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is set to launch on September 7th exclusively for the PS4.

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