Marvel’s Spider-Man Pre-Load Date Revealed For PS4

If you have pre-ordered Spider0Man PS4 digitally, you will be able to download the game ahead of its launch. The download size has also been confirmed by Insomniac Games along with the game length.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be out on September 7th. The game will also get reviews on September 4th as the embargo is lifted for the critics on that day. Those who have pre-ordered the game digitally will be able to download the game from September 5th (or 4th depending on your region) as confirmed by the official PlayStation Twitter account.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is being developed by Insomniac Games. It is one of their biggest and most ambitious game that they have worked on so far. It features a fully open world based around Manhattan New York and will also feature plenty of classic Spider-Man villains including the Sinister Six.

Insomniac Games have also recently shared the post-launch DLC plans for Spider-Man PS4 and the first DLC for the game will be out in October. This will be followed by two more content updates that are planned as a part of the season pass for the game. This Season Pass is titled as The City That Never Sleeps and will add new characters outside from the main story campaign. Insomniac confirmed that this is all brand new content that was not cut from the game to sell as DLC.

Spider-Man PS4 will be out on September 7th. Some of the details around the day one update were also recently leaked but they haven’t been officially confirmed yet.

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