Marvel’s Spider-Man: Save Tokens when doing the “Science FTW” and “A Suit For All Seasons” Trophies

In Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 you get Tokens to unlock suits and gadgets. These Tokens are divided into Crime Tokens, Base Tokens, Landmark Tokens, Research Tokens, and Challenge Tokens.

Getting every single unlockable on a single save can be difficult as you would need to get a high score on each challenge.

This makes getting the  “Science FTW” and “A Suit For All Seasons” Trophies really tough to get as they both require several Tokens.

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Trophy List Revealed

“Science FTW” requires you to craft 15 Gadget Upgrades, while the “A Suit For All Seasons” Trophy has you unlock 24 out of the 28 suits, each requiring a number of Tokens.

The easier way to get them both is to save up Tokens till you can afford 15 Upgrades in a single go. Save the game, buy them all, get the Trophy, then re-load your earlier save. Now you can spend the Tokens you spent previously on non-essential gadgets on those fine looking suits.

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