Marvel’s Spider-Man Special Edition PS4 Pro Confirmed, New Story Trailer Showcased

Marvel’s Spider-Man has received a brand new story trailer and confirmation of the limited edition PS4 Pro, that was leaked earlier by a retailer. The PS4 Pro console will retail for $400 and can be pre-ordered right now and it will launch alongside the game on September 7th.

In addition to the limited edition PS4 Pro controller, there was a new story trailer that gave us the most up-to-date look at the game. It also revealed new characters like Silver Sable, Velocity and Classic Costume for Spider-Man.

If you are interested in the special edition PS4 Pro controller, you can view it in detail in the images below. This limited edition bundle will ship with 1 TB hard disk and specially designed console and controller to go with it.

There is another official theme for the PS4 currently in development. Insomniac Games has teased a little part of it and while it still has to be worked on, the background looks great so far with the red theme from Spider-Man.

If you pre-order the game digitally, you will be able to download this theme. Lastly, if you have missed the news, there was a new edition of the Daily Bugle that has shared more information about the game. It teased the classic costume for the first time but also had hinted about a potential secret villain.

Spider-Man PS4 will be out on September 7th for the PS4. It is being developed by Insomniac Games and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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