Marvel’s Spider-Man New Update Apparently Adds A New Suit

Marvel’s Spider-Man has received a brand new update today that updates the game to version 1.04 and it apparently adds a cool new suit for Spider-Man as well.

While there are more than 2 dozen suits for Spider-Man in the game, additional new outfits will be added in upcoming DLC while some are also being in with free content updates judging from the most recent update version 1.04 that launched a few hours ago.

If you want to avoid spoilers about the content, skip the images below since they show the suit in action. It is the classic Peter Parker outfit where he only wears the Spider mask on his head. It honestly looks great but doesn’t appear to offer any powers or perks by wearing it.

These images were shared by Reddit user MCSavage2 who confirmed that he received the suit after updating to the latest version of the game.

He mentions that there might be a specific requirement to unlock this suit in the game since another person who has an early copy and already received the platinum trophy doesn’t mention seeing this suit in the game. He stated that this suit popped up after the reviews were posted on September 4th so it likely related to the day one update that has been released recently.

In another news, one of the character artist for Insomniac Games shared this closeup of the Noir suit in Spider-Man PS4.

Spider-Man PS4 will launch on September 7th. It is developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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