Series Artist Masahiro Ito claims Silent Hill 3 was supposed to be a Rails Shooter, calls it “a terrible plan”

Masahiro Ito is responsible for many of the monster designs and iconic art featured in the Silent Hill games. Earlier today he took to Twitter to talk a bit about Silent Hill 3 and its initial game pitch.

Ito claims that Silent Hill 3 was supposed to be a spin-off and not a direct sequel to the first game. It was also supposed to be an on rails shooter instead of being a third person action game like previous entries in the series.

Silent Hill 3 was supposed to be an arcade spin off/a rail shooter, not a direct sequel to SH1. Was a terrible plan. The sales of SH2 was really not good start. So I guess it was one of the causes of that. Also that plan wasted much time & some budgets of SH3. It wasn’t SH:Arcade

Ito further stated that the idea had him confused and he was really glad Silent Hill 3 didn’t take that direction.

When I was told that plan, I was really dumbfounded. Because I was one of core members of that team. I’m really glad that plan was cancelled.

Unfortunately Ito refused to go into detail of the pitch and who came up with it.

Silent Hill 3 eventually did see light of day in 2003 on the PS2 and that too in its traditional third person style. The game was set 17 years after the events of the first game and starred Heather Mason; the adopted daughter of Harry Mason, protagonist of the first game.

Ito’s comments aren’t completely out of the blue though as the artist often tweets tidbits about development of different games in the series. Just last month he mentioned how Silent Hill 2 struggled for sales in the start due to it being different from the first game even though it ended up being rated better and is considered by many to be the best entry in the series.

At least the sales of Silent Hill 2 was really not good start in Japan. It was often insulted on the Internet because it was not a legitimate sequel to the previous one and its direction of creature design was really different from the previous Silent Hill’s.

The Silent Hill series has been in dormancy since the Hideo Kojima developed Silent Hills project was cancelled back in 2015. By the look of things Konami doesn’t seem to have any plans for the series either.

What do you think of Ito’s comments? Do you want another game in the Silent Hill series? Let us know in the comments below.

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