Mass Effect 4 Still in Early Development

There are a lot of Mass Effect fans out there who are anxiously waiting for the next game in Mass Effect series and are expecting a reveal trailer or some information about the games release. Well it seems that the Mass Effect fans are out of luck. The developers of the Mass Effect, Bioware, told Gameville that they recently started working on the next installment of the popular action role-playing game and the game is still in early development. Bioware Montreal Director, Yanick Roy revealed that they haven’t even come up or agreed on a name yet. It might be Mass Effect 4 or something new.

Mass Effect4 post

This is very disappointing due to the fact that Mass Effect fans were looking forward to see the game in action in June at the biggest gaming even of the year, E3.

Due to the game being in early development, there is little to no information about the game but according to the rumors, the next Mass Effect game will be called Mass Effect: Contact which takes place during the First Contact War but these are all rumors so take this information with a grain of salt. We can’t really confirm anything so all we can do it wait for Bioware to talk more about their new game.

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