Mass Effect Andromeda: Best Squad Members, Abilites And Weapons

In Mass Effect Andromeda, players will have to take command of a squad which they will lead into battle. These squad members will help you during battle, and they all have unique weapons and abilities that can change the tide of battle.

Every member is unique, as they have abilities and weapons that no one else has. This guide will help you build your squad, according to your needs. There are a total of five squad members in this list. All their unique abilities and weapons are listed below, so you can choose the members to make the perfect squad in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Best Squad Members, Their Abilities and Weapons:

There are five in-game characters to choose from. They are all unique and will aid you in battle with the abilities and weapons they have at their disposal.

Liam Kosta:

Liam Kosta is a close-range combatant. His jump jets allow him to close the gap between him and his target, before finish them off with his favorite weapon, the Overclocked Dual Omni-Blades. His ability, the Havoc Strike, allows Kosta to get close to his enemies and stun them. He can be a very useful squad member if you prefer fighting from a distance. He can keep the enemies busy, while you take them out from afar.

Cora Harper:

A specialist in Operations and Biotics, Cora Harper is an aggressive fighter that prefers to use a shotgun, along with her ability called the Biotic Charge. The Biotic Charge allows Harper to dash towards her enemy, and restoring a portion of her shield.

Nakmor Drack:

A very aggressive fighter that likes to get up close and personal with his enemies. Drack is equipped with a Ruzed Shotgun that rips through enemies with ease. His ability is called Blood Rage, which triggers during battle. It increases his melee damage and health regeneration, while reducing the amount of damage he takes.


A Gunslinger and a Biotic Destabilizer, Peebee uses her Sidewinder Outlaw Pistol to quickly dispose of any enemies in the area. She has the ability called Invasion, which infests the enemies with small mechanical insects that weaken the enemy and spreads to other nearby enemies.

Vetra Nyx:

Vetra Nyx is equipped with a unique set of armor that provides additional protection. One of the most durable characters in Mass Effect Andromeda, Vetra can fight at the front-lines while you take down the enemy units. She uses an Assault Rifle to take down the enemies. Her ability is called the Power Armor, which makes her even more durable, almost making her immune to any incoming damage.

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Hopefully this guide helped you choose the best squad members. Mass Effect Andromeda is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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