Mass Effect: Andromeda books written by ‘talented writers’

BioWare recently confirmed they were releasing a series of novels in order to “expand the Mass Effect universe and bring new stories to life outside of the games.” These novels are meant to bridge any gaps in understanding what goes on in the world of Mass Effect, after the trilogy, and before Mass Effect: Andromeda. The books will answer ‘questions the fans have been asking’ and will focus on ‘key characters.’

A few details have been released regarding who the authors will be, and when some of the books will be published. There are four novels in all. The first book will be released in August 2016, and will be titled “Mass Effect: Initiation.” The book will be written by N.K. Jemisin. The authors for the second and third books are unidentified, but have been scheduled for March 2017 and September 2017 respectively. The final book will be released in March 2018, and will be written by none other than Mass Effect’s series writer himself, Mac Walters.

Mass effect andromeda

Since then, BioWare released a post on their official website commenting upon the Mass Effect: Andromeda books. No details about specific release dates or the content of the books have been mentioned, with BioWare saying they will release the information ‘at a later date.’

“This past weekend, information came out regarding our new series of Mass Effect novels from Titan Books. These novels will give us the opportunity to expand the Mass Effect universe and bring new stories to life outside of the games.
Unfortunately, it’s still too early to go into more detail about the books or when they will be released. But don’t worry, we’ll have a proper announcement with all the juicy details at a later date.
We are still in the midst of the creative process, but we are working with a talented group of writers to bring these exciting new stories to our fans.”

The Mass Effect universe is clearly expanding, and it’ll be interesting to see how the studio plans to create a link between the novels and the games in order to further encapsulate fans into the literary works ahead of Andromeda’s release.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was originally scheduled to release in May 2016, but has since been delayed to early 2017 to further perfect the game’s development.

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