Mass Effect Andromeda E3 reveal trailer, releases holiday 2016

For many of us, Mass Effect won’t be the same without Commander Shephard. The next game in the series marks a reboot with a new protagonist, new setting and new adventures and the E3 reveal trailer has surely got us intrigued. See for yourself below.

Space setting with a cowboy theme. Firefly anyone? As depicted by the name, the player will explore the Andromeda galaxy. Team-based gameplay will be one of the highlights as you will have a team of adventures to work with, learn from, fight alongside of, and fall in love with. If you were impressed with the visuals in the trailer like us, then we’d like to point out that Bioware is using the Frostbite engine for Mass Effect Andromeda. Bioware claims the trailer is aimed to represent the final visual fidelity of the game.

Here’s a poster to get you a bit more excited.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release in winter 2016 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and the PC. Stay tuned for updates.

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