Mass Effect Andromeda To Get New Update Tomorrow

Mass Effect Andromeda received a lot of backlash when it launched this March on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. This backlash mainly focused on its terrible animations and the glitches that were present in the game at launch.

Bioware had promised to fix most of the issues with the game in an extensive post-launch support plan and while they delivered with a patch right after launch, they didn’t follow it up for a while until today, when the producer of Mass Effect Andomeda has confirmed in a tweet that they will release a brand new update for the game tomorrow.

While the producer has confirmed that an update for Mass Effect Andromeda will be released tomorrow, he didn’t say what type of fixes it will contain for the main game. While the animation for the game weren’t fixed, Bioware did introduce some changes to the design of the character, especially their eyes, that made their terrible facial animations a little easy on the eyes. Still, the game could have done more with an improved facial animation system.

Mass Effect Andromeda is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. While there is no ETA for this new patch for the game, it is going to drop tomorrow so stay tuned to find out more about it soon.

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